Sunday, 13 April 2014

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Laura Mercier Colour to go palette
I always find the hardest and longest part of packing for a long weekend is the beauty bits. For me, getting my toiletries and makeup in order is a long and painful process, and always a negotiation in what makes the cut and what is staying behind- particularly when you need to negotiate what you can actually carry!  

Thankfully, those geniuses at Laura Mercier have thought about our predicament and come up with the Laura Mercier Colour to Go palette. This is a limited edition product but Laura Mercier do seem to release different versions around Christmas, I have the palette in Natural Nudes. This double decker palette houses three eyeshadows, a powder eyeliner, lipgloss, blush and bronzer- all in all the perfect palette to bring away for a short holiday or weekend away. 

The eyeshadows in this palette come in a matte cream, a shimmery red brown and a matte brown with a purple undertone. The powder eyeliner is a matte deep brown which can also be used to smudge under the eyes. The lipgloss is called sweetheart and is a shimmery pink which goes really well with the shimmery pink peach blush. Finally the bronzer is a warm brown with a hint of shimmer in it, although this doesn't transfer to the face when used as a contour or to warm up the face. 

This is a great palette to bring away on a long weekend, just toss in mascara, concealer and foundation and you're good to go. I ordered mine from the lovely people at Blow and talk about knocking the presentation stakes out of the park! It arrived in a black embossed Chinese box, and the palette was wrapped in blow tissue paper. It looked amazing! Good work Blow! x

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  1. Sounds like a great palette, never used Laura Mercier before but sounds great.
    Heroine In Heels