Sunday, 6 April 2014

Beauty Gifts

Stila Colour Me Glossy lip glaze and YSL Very YSL Palette 
You know you have good friends when the presents they get you for christmas are all beauty related! It was a while ago but I was gifted with the YSL Very YSL palette and the Stila Colour Me Glossy lip glaze set which have been circulating my beauty schedule for the past few months.  

The YSL palette is the prefect companion to travelling, which is probably why its only available at Duty Free! It houses four eyeshadows, a blush, two lip colours and three mini brushes to use. The eyeshadows encompass a slightly glittery black, a shimmery white, a shimmery peach and a golden bronze, enough range for a easy day look which can be converted to a dramatic evening smokey eye. The two lip colours and a deep raspberry red and a deep pinky purple colour which have a slight sheen and quite long lasting. The blush is my favourite piece of the palette which is a bright barbie pink colour and embossed with the YSL logo. Im never a fan of brushes within a palette and this one is no exception. Shout out to makeup brands, ditch the brushes and include more product! overall i found the eyeshadows to go on smoothy but are fairly low in pigment, particularly the gold bronze where you would benefit in using a primer underneath. The lipsticks are much more pigmented and the blush creates a beautiful pink flush to the cheeks. 

The YSL Very YSL Palette is available from World Duty Free for £37.95.

The Stila Colour Me Glossy lip glaze set is the perfect set for anyone who doesn't have many lip glosses- this set houses every colour you could possibly want! The lip glosses are shiny and very pigmented, with each lipgloss different to the last. Some are a deep pigment whereas others are more sheer, and others providing tiny glittery particles. The colours included are cranberry, dazzle berry  passion fruit, wild berry  kaleidoscope, melon, persimmon, strawberry cream and amaretto. My favourite is Melon which you can see on the swatch below- the perfect colour for upcoming spring! The lip glosses are long lasting and easy to put on, just twist the tube and go!

The Stila Colour me Glossy lip glaze set is available from the Stila website for £29.50

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