Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sshhh... Its a secret....

So my lovely boyfriend got back from a work trip to Copenhagen and bought me back a present! I love pressies :)

Inside the Victoria's Secret bag housed a embossed black box that when opened, encased a large perfume bottle, a mini perfume, body wash and body lotion which are both enhanced with the same scent... *squeal*

The perfume is a white floral scent, perfect for summer (despite the dreary, wet, autumn-is-on-its-way weather outside!) and the perfume lasts quite a long time on your skin-  I normally struggle to find perfumes that last longer than a few hours. Its quite a sweet smell, quite like honeysuckle with a light woody smell in the afternotes. The body lotion is thick and creamy and really does enhance the smell of the perfume when used together. The body wash is really nice too but lets face it, no body wash smell will last on your skin! Makes the bathroom smell nice though :)

Snaps for the boyfriend xxx

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