Sunday, 20 October 2013

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Review

When I first heard that Charlotte Tilbury was releasing a makeup line, my excitement was palpable. I have watched a whole load of You-Tube videos from when she was the Victoria's Secret makeup artist, and lets face it, she made those girls look stunning so I had high hopes for the makeup line! Of course, that was not down to thier incredible genes or anything....

I ordered my haul from, which after obsessively stalking twitter, Instagram and the Selfridges website I decided to go with the Dolce Vita look. Charlotte has split her makeup into ten different looks, and the idea is that you pick the look that you like (or that would suit your colouring) and you can purchase the whole look- which means that the eyeshadow will go perfectly with the blush, and complement the lipstick, and so on. I think that is a fabulous idea for those of us who are not makeup/ colour trained as it is difficult to perfectly co-ordinate colours without looking too "done".

I was relatively restrained with my initial purchases, choosing the Cheek to Chic blush in Ecstasy, the Dolce Vita eyeshadow quad and the eye smudger brush. The blush is incredibly pigmented, you barely need any on the brush and you use the centre of the palette to add a "pop" of colour in the apple of your cheek. The eyeshadow quad stood out the most in my opinion, the colours are absolutely perfect for my blue eyes, hugely pigmented and blendable. This is my favourite palette in my collection and has really made me think outside the box when it comes to makeup colours. I also picked up the eye smudger brush which is soft and perfect for adding shadow to the crease and under the eyes. Charlotte's father was a painter and her brush collection was inspired by him, interestingly they all have flat edges so they don't roll off the table! genius! 

I definitely think there's another Tilbury haul on the horizon, I have my eye on the Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencils and the new Bar of Gold Highlighter... credit card watch your step!

Love K xxx


  1. Just found your blog and love it! xo

  2. I'm determined to pick something up next time I'm in Selfridge's, I have my eyes on a quad! xo